Who wants a brand new GSI surfboard?!

Hello fellow frothers! We are running a competition starting July 1st, 2024. The prize is a brand-new Global Surf Industries surfboard of your choice.

Surfing Mums X OMBE Program

Exciting news for 2024! What's on your New Year’s Surfolutions list? Whether it's perfecting your pop-up, mastering the art of the duckdive, or just catching more epic waves, Surfing Mums and OMBE are teaming up to make your surf dreams come true.

Albany's Open Day Makes a Splash

In picturesque Albany WA, the SMs crew, led by Vanessa and Nat, set about finding some new recruits. Albany is a close knit community and Mums normally find out about Surfing Mums through word of mouth. But Vanessa and Nat acknowledged that there can be a reluctance from prospective members due to concerns about surf ability and meeting new people. The solution, they decided, was an open day.

Join the committee - your chance to give back 💓

Have you ever yearned to give back to your community and ignite meaningful change? Have you dreamt of being a driving force within a movement dedicated to making the world a better place? Your opportunity to bring these aspirations to life is here—join the Surfing Mums Committee today!

#Nevertooold: Surfing, Self-Discovery, and the Power of Belief

Recently, our friends over at OMBE shared an extraordinary story that introduces us to Karen, a vibrant and youthful soul at the age of 69. Karen's journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring. She embarked on her surfing adventure at the age of 50…#nevertooold

Coal Coast Surfing Mums: Celebrated by local paper The Illawarra Flame

A shout out to Coal Coast Surfing Mums crew and Coordinator of the Year recipient Desiree for their fab story in local paper The Illawarra Flame. Articles like this help spread the word about our amazing community and drive awareness about the importance of support for Mums and families.

A Tale of Two Mums Who Made Waves

In the laid-back coastal haven of Byron Bay back in 2006, two adventurous mums had a radical idea: they were determined to ride the waves of motherhood without sacrificing their beloved passion for surfing.

URBNSURF & Surfing Mums Launch World's First Surf Swap at a Surf Park

URBNSURF, Australia's first wave pool company, and Surfing Mums, a not-for-profit enabling mums and carers get back in the water, are excited to announce the launch of the Surfing Mums URBNSURF Melbourne Group - the world's first surf/care swap initiative at a surf park.

New Surfing Mum Posters 😍

You may have already spied them on our socials but if you haven’t check out our beautiful new posters and flyers helping to spread the word of Surfing Mums.

First Aid Tips From Survival

As a parent our kids safety is always our number one priority, in this newsletter we get some first aid tips from safety experts and generous Surfing Mums sponsor, Survival First Aid.

A life well lived for kids and Mums alike.

We chat to our most elegant wave dancer and Avalon coordinator, Ingrid Nash, about what motivated her to join Surfing Mums (teaser, it wasn’t the waves!). This is a great short read for any parents struggling with the guilts when you go for a surf.

Surfing Mums Shop Call Out

Are you an empress of e-commerce, retail royalty, a maven of merchandise? Even if you aren’t any of those things but you are enthusiastic and have a bit of time to spare, find out how you can help your Surfing Mums community