Stoked with all the positive press!

Published Tue 02 Jul 2024

Surfing Mums has kicked off the first half of 2024 with a splash, riding a wave of positive press and community engagement. After a sunny start to the year filled with beach activities and family fun, the first half of the year has come and gone, and winter has truly set in. It's time to dust off those winter wetsuits and embrace the brisk mornings and late sunrises with your Surfing Mums crew.

The organisation has recently been in the spotlight, starting with an ABC article by Sarah Burt in February. This coverage caught the attention of Sydney’s Channel 9 Weekend Today show, which featured an interview with the Mona Vale crew. A special thanks goes to Aoife for representing Surfing Mums so eloquently on live TV.

The buzz didn’t stop there. Perth’s Channel 9 News highlighted the Perth crew during a primetime spot, thanks to the efforts of Elke and Breanna. Additionally, ABC radio featured Surfing Mums in two separate interviews: Vanessa from Albany on Early Saturday Morning and Jules from Perth on Weekday Breakfast, discussing the importance of self-care, community, and mental health benefits provided by Surfing Mums.

And….Liza and Jensa from the Alexandra Headlands crew shared their experiences on the Sisterhood of Surf podcast. The organisation’s growing visibility has even caught the eye of the Australian Sports Commission, which filmed a short documentary about Surfing Mums in Albany. Read more about the ASC collaboration here. Huge thanks to all the Mums and groups mentioned above for helping spread the word about Surfing Mums. We are so stoked to have such incredible people within our community!