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How do I become a member?
Becoming a member of Surfing Mums Inc. is easy. Simply complete the registration form and pay the annual membership fee of $52. This is one dollar per week! As well as being able to surf every week, you receive a membership pack with a gift, sponsor vouchers and discounts.  

OK I've joined up online, what now?

If you haven't done so already, find a group nearby. Request to join the group's Facebook page and get in touch with the Coordinator and say hi. You might have questions about your specific location (pram access), or surfing conditions. Ask away! You're more than welcome to drop in and say hi before joining.

Do I need Facebook to join Surfing Mums?
We understand that not everyone has Facebook, and that more people are shutting down their accounts. Because all of our groups are coordinated by busy volunteer Mums, we leave it up to each individual group's coordinator to decide how to communicate with members. Most of our groups use a closed Facebook page as their sole means of communication. Groups communicate with their members every week - particuarly if the group moves beaches for the best conditions. If you would like to join a group and you don't have Facebook, you will need to have a chat with the coordinator and see what works best for them. They may be able to email/text you, or pair you up with a buddy who can do the same.

How old do my children need to be?
Like nearly every parenting question, there is no one or easy answer for this one! Some Mums bring children along from a few weeks, others wait until their kids are older. Each age and stage has their benefits, and of course, any given day can be more challenging than others! It really depends on you and what you are comfortable with in terms of exposing bubs to other kids and the elements, sleep times, if it's your first baby, always so many different considerations! You'll need to think about sun protection, food and snacks and if you have a young bub, if they sleep better in a pram or a sling. It's best to go along and say hi to the group and see how they roll.

Do I need to be a member to come to a group meet, or can I just come along say hi and see how things work?
No, however you will not be able to leave your children and go for a surf until you are a member and covered by our Insurance Policy. We encourage all mums, dads and carers to visit their local group, say hi and see what it’s all about. As soon as you are a member you can go for a surf!

What are the benefits of being a Surfing Mums Inc. member?
Being a member of Surfing Mums Inc. means that you are a member of one of the best mum’s groups in Australia (in our very biased opinion)! You’ll also be supporting our association so that we can continue reaching mums (and dads) that share the same passion as you. As a member there are also great personal benefits to membership. The membership benefits include: The opportunity to surf without needing to arrange alternative childcare, Public liability insurance cover while attending scheduled Surfing Mums Inc meetings, An invitation to attend social and educational sessions including our annual weekend getaway and AGM, Discounts and vouchers from our sponsors. The membership also includes the opportunity to list your business (a lot of our mums are very talented!), this is a Marketplace on our webiste for members only to list their businesses and also recieve some more discounts from other Surfing Mums members businesses!

What does the membership fee go towards?
$15 - $20 goes towards insurance, $20 goes towards an annual membership gift, $5 is donated to Waves of Wellness, the remainder covers the cost of running our groups (marketing, administration, printing, coordinator training, and group essentials like first aid kits).

Wait, what?! You will give me gift just for being a member? 
The Surfing Mums gift has been a wonderful tradition since Surfing Mums was started over 10 years ago. In 2011, there were 60 members and the membership cost was $50. Early gifts (such as the very popular singlets) were packed into a parcel post bag. Now that we have grown to over 400 members the membership packing takes a lot of time from our hardworking committee members to pack and post – and a lot of storage space! 

I have just joined Surfing Mums but have not received my membership gift? 
We are working hard to get your epic gift to you! The Surfing Mums annual membership gifts are sent out in the middle of the year (usually around June) and then every two months after that in batches. Unfortunatedlt, we do not have the capcaity to mail gifts one by one, as each member joins or renews. *Please note your renewal date before inquring why you have not yet received a gift when others have. For example, if you joined or renewed in 2022, you would have recieved the 2022 gift and you will not recieve the 2023 gift until you renew your membership in 2023. 

Can all types of surfers join?
Our mums surf, SUP, body board, body surf...any form of enjoying the waves! We have surfing dads, grandparents and other carers too!

Do you offer surf coaching for beginners?
Surfing Mums Inc. are not qualified surf instructors and we do not offer lessons or coaching. You are welcome to join the group anytime but we encourage beginners to have a few lessons before joining. There are many great surf schools listed on the Surfing Australia website, or you can ask your group coordinator about local surf schools. Many of our Mums learnt to surf after having children and are now very capable and confident. You’ll find the other mums very encouraging. Remember, if you don’t feel confident surfing you can always have a swim.

I can't login to the website to renew my membership or join events ?
Go to the Surfing Mums login page https://www.surfingmums.com/login/. From here, click on "Forgot login details?" to get your username and/or password. If you are still unable to login, please contact us and we can get you back online.

I am trying to renew my membership, but the screen froze?
This does happen occasionally to some of our members, and we aren't quite sure what causes it. A couple of things to try are:

  • Check that you have completed all of the mandatory fields, particularly the Terms of Regisration and Over 18 declaration check boxes. Sometimes if you haven't ticked these, you can still press Submit and the page will freeze.
  • It does seem to happen more frequently on smart phones, so if you have access to computer, give it a try on there. Or try renewing on a differnt device

If this happens again after trying these, please email us a screenshot of the occurence/error message, letting us know what device you are using.

Do I get other Member Discounts?
Yes! We have discounts and promotions with all of our supporters. Please check out discount codes at https://www.surfingmums.com/member-discounts/ (member login required).


My Membership Gift

I have just joined Surfing Mums Inc. but have not received my membership gift? 
2021 Surfing Mums annual membership gifts will be sent out mid year.


All about Surfing Mums Inc.

Why is Surfing Mums an Association?
Surfing Mums Incorporated is a national not-for-profit organisation and run by a team of volunteers. Surfing Mums became an incorporated association in January 2008 and is currently incorporated by the Associations Incorporation Act 2009. As an association, we protect our members by being a separate legal identity. Surfing Mums Incorporated provides a duty of care to all members. Surfing Mums Incorporated has a risk management processes and complies with Surfing Australia’s Member Protection Policy. You can  find a access our Surfing Mums Inc. Constitution here.

What happens at a Group Meet?
The group coordinator communicates the time and place to members prior to the meet.  Our groups generally meet at a park or on the beach, and organise which mums partner up and who goes for a surf first while the other mums take care of the children. When the mums return, they swap and the children are cared for by the mums who have surfed. It may take you a while for you to get out for an hour-long surf. You and the children need to get to know the other mums and kids. Younger children may need to get used to the idea of staying on the beach while Mum goes into the water! We recommend easing into this, with short swims or surfs at first.

Who looks after the kids?
We encourage mums to partner up each week so that you are only responsible for your own children and someone else’s (not the whole group of kids); it is much safer that way.  We meet for around 2 hours so each mum gets up to an hour in the water. It’s a good idea to discuss any rules with the other mum (e.g. no swimming until your mum comes back) and any dietary or first aid requirements. 

What are the guidelines for looking after children?
We recommend that our members follow these guidelines when looking after children: 1) Children only swim with their own parent/carer, 2) Make sure smaller children have been to the toilet or had a nappy change prior to the meet, 3) Ensure you understand any dietary or first aid requirements of the children you are caring for, and communicate your children’s needs, 4) Make sure you slip, slop, slap for your children (and yourself!) before you head out for your surf, 5) Refrain from smoking during the meet.

Are we sponsored? 
Surfing Mums Inc. is very fortunate to have the support of sponsors. Our sponsors offer discounts and samples to all members. Sponsors also supply us with in kind merchandise to assist us with fundraising.   

How do I make a complaint?
Surfing Mums Inc. follows the principles and processes of Play by the Rules. If you have an issue, you should:

  1. Talk with the other person
  2. Make a complaint (if not appropriate to resolve through talking) to your Group Coordinator, who will liaise with Surfing Mums' Complaint Officer, or you may contact the Complaint Officer or President directly (see below).
  3. SMI will Investigate the complaint, and mediate or hold a tribunal hearing if necessary
  4. Reconsider the complaint or appeal the decision
  5. SMI will document the resolution

This process allows for procedural fairness and natural justice for all involved.

For SMI, the Complaints Officer/Member Protection Information Officer is Danya Hodgetts. Alternatively, you may contact President Clare Hammond.

Another resource that can assist is the Play by the Rules Complaints Handling webpage.



Who is insured under this policy?
Surfing Mums Inc. and all of its members are covered for losses or damage a third party suffers as a result of the activities of Surfing Mums Inc. It is important to note that children are not members of Surfing Mums Inc. and are not insured. This is why they are not permitted in the water without the direct supervision of their parent/guardian.

Who is the Insurer?
Our insurer is CGU Insurance.

What is the Scope of Cover?
This policy covers Surfing Mums and its members from their legal liability to third parties for personal injury and/or property damage if proven legally liable or negligent as defined in the policy.

This means that Surfing Mums'  insurance covers you for public liability insurance, covering you for injury to third partiesThis does not cover you for injury to yourself. 

If you have any questions about insurance, please contact Mel Paice.

Coordinating or starting a new group

What is involved in Coordinating a Group? 

  1. Inducting new members – Coordinators introduce new members and their children to existing mums and explain the rules of Surfing Mums: 1:1 swap of children and caring for children. 
  2. Looking after current members – Coordinators need to ensure new members have become financial members in order for them to be insured. As a coordinator you will need to get mums (and dads) together to surf by SMS, Facebook and/or email. 
  3. Safety of members – It is the coordinator’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all children and members and carrying out a short Risk Assessment prior to every meet. 
  4. General Coordination – Familiarise yourself with the FAQ’s, respond to email enquiries, contribute to fundraising activities as required by Surfing Mums Inc., and provide group news and photos to our bi-annual newsletter. 

How do I set up a new group?
New Surfing Mums groups are starting up all the time, and our committee is here to help if you would like to set up a new group in your area. Please send an enquiry to groups@surfingmums.com so that we can assist you. In general, here are the steps to setting up a new group: 1) Become a member of Surfing Mums Inc.; 2) Choose a day and time to meet (weekday mornings are preferable); 3) Decide whether your group will meet at a regular spot (park or beach) or at different locations depending on the surf 4) Generate interest in your local area; 4) Show up every week at your chosen time.

The day my local group meets up, I can't make. Can I add a new day?

Please discuss this option with the current group coordinator and contact groups@surfingmums.com