About Surfing Mums 

Since 2006, Surfing Mums has played an integral role in the parenting journey for hundreds of surf loving Australian mums, dads, and carers. We are incorporated by the Associations Incorporation Act 2009. An established not for profit organization with close to 40 groups Australia wide, each group is coordinated by volunteers and meets on set days and locations (to find a meet up near you, see Find A Group). Mums (or other carers) pair up with another member and nominate who will surf or watch the kids first. Each participant has an hour of beach time, then switches roles to look after the children while their swap partner surfs. (For more details on the mechanisms of our meet ups, see How It Works or our FAQ.) The organization runs much deeper than simple surf swaps though, and the connections made during our meets are magical. Likeminded people get together and friendships are formed between parents and kids alike.


For All Ocean Lovers

There's a great range of surfing abilities across the Surfing Mums community, from complete beginners to big wave chasers, body boarders and SUPers. Some members prefer to run on the beach, others swim in an ocean pool.  We are about inclusivity and fostering a love of the ocean, whatever that looks like to you.

Surfing Mums - Avalon from one of our very talented surfiing mums Leonie Blignaut 


With Surfing Mums, The Waves Are Just The Beginning

We help parents and carers reconnect with their love of surfing while connecting with a likeminded, ocean-loving community of families in their local area.  The results? Often life changing for parents and kids alike:

"I have met lifelong friends that share the same interests through Surfing Mums – it was a real lifesaver when my kids were little. The support was fantastic, with the added bonus of being able to go for a surf!” ~ Michelle

"Parenting young children can be pretty challenging and isolating at times, and unfortunately surfing’s not a sport like cycling where you can just add a babyseat and off you go, kid in tow. The combo of not surfing or having ‘me time’ was making me feel a bit blah. Finding a set time each week to dedicate to getting back in the water with a gathering of mums all eager to look after the little ones, share kid tips, and generally be an awesome all-round backup team made all the difference.” ~ Kas

"My youngest loved going to Surfing Mums so much he used to call it Surfing Babies and corrected me whenever I mentioned it. He thought it was all about him – getting together with a gang of kids, snacking, swapping toys, making sandcastles, and basically having the ultimate beach playdate. And in many ways it was all about him – by regaining free time to surf, I could return to land a brighter, happier mum with more energy to give.” ~ Carolyn "I still remember how stoked I was after my first SM surf. I was kicking myself that I didn’t join earlier, I realized how much surfing I had missed out on. It was amazing to be consistently back in the water. Now, 2 years on, I am even more stoked with the awesome water women I have met and become great friends with; we surf, we laugh, we picnic, we wine, we dine and most of all, we have fun! Thanks SM." ~ Grace


Want to hear more? Here are some more testimonials from our happy, salty members!


Surfing Mums acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands on which we live and meet. We recognise and respect the deep significance of the coasts and ocean in aboriginal culture. We pay our respects to this living culture and all elders past, present and emerging.