How It Works



Check your group Facebook page in the morning to see if the session is on, depending on ocean and weather conditions.


Meet up at the specified time and location, with gear and kids in tow. Pack food and toys to keep tummies full and minds occupied.


Pair up with a surfing buddy. Organise who will watch the kids & who will head out for a surf first, then swap roles.


Kids are all played out, Mums have exercised and socialised. Everyone's had fun and leaves with a smile. Easy as!


New Around Here? Welcome!

Our surf swap meet ups welcome parents of all levels, whether you’re a total novice or have been riding waves for a lifetime. Meet ups are run by member volunteer coordinators, and take place at a specific beach location at designated weekly times and days – although some groups switch locations depending on the best beach conditions on that given day. Coordinators post updates on each group’s private Facebook page prior to each meetup, so be sure to check for updates before you go. When you arrive, you’ll be paired up with a parent who will be your surf swap partner. Meet ups generally run for two hours, so there’s potential for each parent to have roughly an hour of ocean time, and an hour of child minding – although new parents may like to work up to this time goal slowly. Parents decide between themselves who’ll surf first, and who’s surfing second. The term surfing is open to interpretation here; you can surf, body board, SUP, go for a beach run or do some laps. However you’d like to spend your ocean time is up to you. Any questions? See our FAQ


Your First Meet Up: What To Expect

So you’ve tracked down a local Surfing Mums group, and have the day and time your group meets already marked firmly in your calendar. Now what? You’re welcome to visit any Surfing Mums group before becoming a member just to see how it runs, but keep in mind only paid members can take part in surf swaps due to insurance/safety issues. If you’re not a member or don’t have access to the group Facebook page yet, be sure to contact the group co-ordinator to let them know you’re planning on attending in advance so they can update you of any location or date changes due to weather or surf conditions. After joining, you can start surf swapping at your first official meet up – yip yip!

Your co-ordinator will run you through how things work and introduce you to your new surf family, but don’t be shy in introducing yourself or your little ones – we’re a friendly bunch. Depending on group numbers and the age of your children, you’ll then be paired up with a suitable swap partner for the meet up session to alternate child minding with while the other enjoys surfing time. Although meet ups are roughly two hours split half surfing, half child minding, many first time attendees don’t use up their full surfing hour if their children are unlikely to adjust to them being away that length of time. However with time and patience, most mums are able to work their way up to longer surfs after just a few sessions. We generally find even the most clingy kids eventually warm to the meet ups thanks to being distracted by all the other children in attendance, and both mums and bubs greatly benefit from the experience of getting independent time. Packing for meet ups is easy once you have practice – things most commonly needed are:

+ Kids snacks, bottles or water bottles

+ General daytrip necessities like nappies, changes of clothes, wipes

+ Depending on child’s age, slings, prams or strollers

+ Surf gear like swimwear, wetsuits, leggies, towels

+ Toys for them, and toys for you – surfboard toys that is!

We look forward to welcoming you to a Surfing Mums meet up soon. Still have questions? See our FAQ