Coal Coast Surfing Mums: Celebrated by local paper The Illawarra Flame

Published Wed 27 Sep 2023

We are overjoyed that Kasey Simpson, a contributor from The Illawarra Flame, recently showcased the Coal Coast Surfing Mums Group. Articles like these play a pivotal role in spreading the word about Surfing Mums, fostering greater participation, and driving membership. Ultimately, this enables more mothers and families to thrive.

Coal Coast is in the Illawarra Region south of Sydney in NSW, famous for the Sea Cliff Bridge and some epic breaks. Their dedicated coordinator, Desiree, was awarded one of two “Coordinator of the Year" at last year's AGM, a testament to her commitment to the group.

The article talks about the rising cost of living and how Surfing Mums provides a refreshing departure from conventional coffee meet-ups and indoor play centres, especially when a babycino can set you back $4. As Desiree aptly puts it, "The beach and fresh air are free!"

Kasey's article sheds light on the surge in popularity of surfing over the past five years. According to data released by the Australian Sports Commission in April 2023, there are now more than 167,000 female surfers across the nation. As the wave of interest in surfing continues to rise, the Coal Coast Surfing Mums Group remains steadfast in creating a supportive and inclusive environment. Go Mumma’s!

Read the full story here and past media appearances here.

Our amazing Nic Somerville - new mum on the HQ block - is taking the reins of our communications and has prepared a media release that we can easily pitch to your media to line up an interview. Lots of members first hear about Surfing Mums through radio or newspapers, so don’t shy away! Spread the word! Just email