#Nevertooold: Surfing, Self-Discovery, and the Power of Belief

Published Wed 27 Sep 2023

At Surfing Mums, we are incredibly fortunate to have the steadfast support of remarkable brands within the surfing industry. One such brand that has been making waves is OMBE—an online surfing platform that offers a treasure trove of resources. From video tutorials and podcasts to insightful articles, engaging events, and a thriving community page, OMBE caters to surfers of all levels. Explore their world at [Website Link].

Recently, OMBE shared an extraordinary story that introduces us to Karen, a vibrant and youthful soul at the age of 69. Karen's journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring. She embarked on her surfing adventure at the age of 50, and as her 69th birthday approaches, she has decided to take on a thrilling new challenge—diving into an OMBE surf retreat at the breathtaking Malibu Popoyo resort in Nicaragua.

Through the support of OMBE’s Head Coach Clayton, Karen taps into her latent abilities, challenging her perceptions and honing her skills. From the sheer thrill of riding waves to the graceful mastery of the intimate dance between her board and the ocean's embrace, Karen's journey is a testament to the boundless potential within us all. Watch the full story here.

Karen's incredible journey isn't a one-off. It echoes through the Surfing Mums community, reminding us all that with the right crew and an unshakable belief in ourselves, we can conquer any wave life throws our way #nevertooold. Just ask Jekka Shearer, part of the Sunshine Coast Surfing Mums Group, who shared her gratitude on Instagram: "I am forever grateful to my regular weekly tag who handles my babes while I am in the waves. Never did I imagine all this would fall into my lap in my 30th year of life!"

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