Albany's Open Day Makes a Splash

Published Wed 29 Nov 2023

In picturesque Albany WA, the SMs crew, led by Vanessa and Nat, set about finding some new recruits. Albany is a close knit community and Mums normally find out about Surfing Mums through word of mouth. But Vanessa and Nat acknowledged that there can be a reluctance from prospective members due to concerns about surf ability and meeting new people. The solution, they decided, was an open day. The crew leveraged the power of social media, posting event details on their FB page and encouraging everyone to share the post within their networks. 

“We wanted to show the newbies what we generally do on a Friday morning wanted to show them how much fun, love and support we all have for each other...keeping it really lighthearted and do you kinda vibe! Makes it less scary and helps people realise they can make it whatever they want”, said Vanessa.

Nat and Vanessa helped set the tone for the day by building a mini tea station off the back of their cars. Both armed with an array of herbal teas, a giant thermos and big salty smiles, created a welcoming scene reflective of our giving and supportive community. Their approach aimed at establishing early connections with new members and making them feel at ease.

The Open Day turned out to be a special occasion, witnessing families—parents, kids, and even daring dads—coming together in the water, riding party waves and screaming with joy. The crew's initiative to connect left a lasting impression, highlighting the importance of such connections in leading a healthy life.

All in all, the Albany Open Day was a resounding success. Approximately 20 newcomers, including parents and children, attended the event to get a firsthand look at Surfing Mums dynamics and to have their questions answered in person, ensuring clarity and fostering genuine connections. Five new members enthusiastically joined Surfing Mums; a significant boost to the existing 20-member strong community. The waves of laughter and positive vibes from that day continue to ripple through Albany, leaving behind a sense of community spirit and shared stoke.

Albany’s experience provides a great template for a successful Open Day. If your group needs additional members, please reach out to the committee for more information and support.