URBNSURF Surfing Mums Embrace the Elements at Open Day

Published Thu 30 Nov 2023

On a rainy Melbourne morning, the URBNSURF Surfing Mums defied the weather to host an invigorating Open Day on Monday, 27th November, setting the stage for an exciting summer ahead.

Undeterred by the rain, members and potential new recruits gathered for a warm refuge in the Surfing Mums cabana, where hot lattes and delectable brownies from URBNSURF’s Three Blue Ducks cafe awaited, creating a cozy atmosphere for the community.

Amidst the pitter-patter of raindrops, the surf coach extraordinaire, Tanya Carroll, took the floor. Tanya, a mother of six, personal trainer, and professional surf coach, shared her wisdom and experiences. As the discussion unfolded, it touched on topics beyond the waves - lessons learned from motherhood, self-care, and the importance of seeking support when needed.

The conversation ignited reflections on where each member channels their energy, the significance of nourishing our bodies, rediscovering our identities beyond motherhood, and the empowering realisation that asking for help is not only acceptable but essential.

This meaningful dialogue is set to become a staple at their regular meet-ups, creating a supportive space where members can check in on each other, ensuring everyone is "filling their cup" by catching not only the waves but also moments of personal growth.

To cap off the morning, as if in harmony with the spirits of the surf, some of the daring mums embraced the rain's retreat and ventured into the waves for a memorable surf session.

As the community continues to grow and strengthen, the URBNSURF Surfing Mums are making waves, both in and out of the water. Stay updated on their adventures and gatherings by connecting with them on Facebook and follow the inspiring surf coach, Tanya Carroll, for more waves of wisdom and surf-inspired motivation.