Surfing Mums X OMBE Program

Published Tue 09 Jan 2024

Exciting news for 2024! What's on your New Year’s Surfolutions list?

Whether it's perfecting your pop-up, mastering the art of the duckdive, or just catching more epic waves, Surfing Mums and OMBE are teaming up to make your surf dreams come true. We're launching a program tailor-made for our incredible community, taught by a fellow surf-loving Mum and guess who's calling the shots? Yep, it's YOU! Six live-streamed sessions throughout the year, and if you miss the action, fear not… recordings will be your surf buddy. Click here to spill the beans on your New Year's Surfolutions and shape the content of this epic adventure!

The action starts on Sunday, February 4th, at 2 pm AEST. It's totally FREE for our members. Just log into the Surfing Mums Community Page on OMBE using the link sent in the newletter on 08/01/2024 and get ready to ride the virtual waves with us.

Each session will be live-streamed by the incredible Sal Howe (OMBE coach and ex-Surfing Mum), complete with a demo and a chance for you to throw all your burning questions at her in the Q&A. We've spaced out these sessions so you won't miss a beat – approximately every 6 weeks, giving you enough time to catch some waves and practise the tips and techniques.

Mark your calendars with these dates:

Session 1: 04/02/2024

Session 2: 10/03/2024

Session 3: 28/04/2024

Session 4: 16/06/2024

Session 5: 28/07/2024

Session 6: 08/09/2024