Secret Harbours Surfebuary Challenge

Published Sun 26 Feb 2023

SurFebruary is a fun annual event in February, where participants raise money for cancer research by catching a wave or getting in the water every day – rain, hail or shine. The monies raised are used by Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to fund cutting edge, innovative research that is hoped to change how cancer is treated.

Amanda Berry of Secret Harbour Surfing Mums group tells us why she became involved in this challenge. Over to you Amanda:

This is my second year with this charity and I wasn’t sure if I would do it again after the 2022 SurFebruary brought along with it the coincidence of people close to me being diagnosed with cancer. I was wondering whether it was a case of ‘what I focus on grows’ and that scared me.

Thankfully this year two of the people who were diagnosed last February are now cancer free and one friend who’s son had longest battle with childhood leukaemia has come through the other side, so this year is a celebration. Each wave is also a chance to honour the people who have sadly left my life from the horrible disease.

Getting out on the waves every day had an extra twist being that I’m in Queensland for the first quarter of the month. And I’m so stoked to meet another Surfing Mums mum here on the Sunshine Coast in my yoga teacher training class how awesome is that!!! And I can’t wait to get home to the Secret Harbour mums to catch some waves together. This organisation is something really special and I’m thrilled that the Secret Harbour Surfing Mums got on board with SurFebruary with me too! Yeah what a sisterhood!!!

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