Passing the President Torch

Published Tue 26 Sep 2023

Our volunteer President, Ana Manero, has been rocking the Surfing Mums boat for over two years. She first joined Surfing Mums in 2013 when her baby Julieta was only eight weeks old. A few months later she started her PhD – juggling study and parenting. Ana says “Surfing Mums was my lifeline!” Fast-forward three years, and she had another baby called Carlo and landed a job at the Australian National University and University of Western Australia. Once Carlo started school full time Ana felt she had more bandwidth to contribute back to the Surfing Mums community and put her hand up for President. 

After two years, she is ready to pass the torch to the next champion of Surfing Mums. If you would like to apply for the President position please email The volunteer position takes approx. 2 – 3 hours per week, but for the busy Mum or Dad can be spread out in 15 minute increments. The President keeps the organisation running smoothly, and looks after administrative tasks like insurance renewals, registration and IT updates. Plus fun things like organising the AGM, annual gift, supporting other committee members, managing the WABE grants and looking after the new shop (...stayed tuned for shop updates!). 

Ana won’t be far from the waves, as she is working with researchers from across the world to better understand and recognise the value of surfing resources. Ana’s recent article talks about the vast oceanic canvas, and how surfing has emerged as more than a sport—it's a Cultural Ecosystem Service of immense value. This article spotlights the crucial role played by 'surfing ecosystems' and the urgent need to safeguard them. 

Surfing is a path to holistic wellness. It fosters positive mental and physical health outcomes, even for those with chronic conditions. Moreover, it strengthens communities, tightens family bonds, and encourages healthier lifestyles. The fragility of these ecosystems is under threat. Water pollution, coastal developments, and over-tourism are eroding surf amenities - with very little protection granted by our environmental laws. Dive into Ana's full article, and let her words inspire you to keep our surf culture alive and kicking.