Join the committee - your chance to give back 💓

Published Mon 09 Oct 2023

Have you ever yearned to give back to your community and ignite meaningful change? Have you dreamt of being a driving force within a movement dedicated to making the world a better place? Your opportunity to bring these aspirations to life is here—join the Surfing Mums Committee today!

We currently have two openings on the Surfing Mums Committee: President and Partnerships. These roles require approximately 2 hours per week, with flexibility to accommodate even the busiest schedules, allowing you to break tasks into manageable 15-minute increments. Join us in shaping a brighter future, one wave of positivity at a time!

We encourage everyone to apply regardless of your experience. You will be trained in the position by the current President or Partnerships Officer and you will be continually supported by the other committee members. We are a diverse and inclusive bunch including a school teacher, hospitality project manager, lawyer, councellor, business development manager and PhD university lecturer. Skills can be taught but enthusiasm and positivity are a gift! To apply please email with a brief description of yourself and why you would love to join. 

Our previous committee member Candice reflects... “It has been a privilege to be Groups Officer and fill a crucial role in the running of Surfing Mums over the past two years. Helping new and existing coordinators maintain and grow their groups has been highly rewarding. Furthermore, by working with a diverse committee I have benefited hugely from developing new skills and industry insights which I will now take with me into a future career. I look forward to providing ongoing help and training to a new Groups Officer."

Details on each position are as follows:


- Organise annual gift
- Organise AGM
- Address general enquiries
- Support committee members and organise quarterly meeting
- Manage registration, insurace and other subscritpions
- Manage WABE Grants for SM groups
- Manage the on-demand shop
- Liaise with our USA counterparts

Partnerships Officer:

- Liaising with existing sponsors and partners and ensuring we service them according to current agreements
- Approaching new potential sponsor/ partners and developing sponsorship proposals and plan
- Annual reporting for sponsors and partners
- Updating sponsors and partners web page with discount codes
- Getting sponsor/ partner product for AGM 
- Replying to unsolicited sponsor/partner